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Anolon Nouvelle 3QT Copper Covered Casserole Review

We recently received the Anolon Nouvelle Copper 3 quart Covered Casserole for review. This casserole is constructed from Hard-Anodized Aluminum which is twice as hard as stainless steel and is very popular for it’s wonderful heat distribution. It also features the restaurant tested Autograph 2 Nonstick interior.

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Cleaning Burnt Food from Non-Stick Cookware?

Nonstick Cookware Care is essential for the long life of your cookware however mistakes happen and there are times when we need to use different techniques than the one’s we should normally practice. We’ve seen numerous pieces of non-stick cookware over the years that we thought could never come clean but with some patience combined with trial and error we’ve learned some tricks that just might help you with your cookware. Trying to remove burnt, stuck on food from a nonstick pan doesn’t always turn out the way …

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Double Boiler Overview

A double boiler is the perfect cookware for delicate cooking. Whether you’re melting cheese, making chocolate sauce for ice cream, making hollandaise sauce for poached eggs or making candy you’ll need a double boiler to do it right.  A double broiler consists of a sauce pan with an insert that is placed on top of the saucepan.  To cook with a double boiler you must fill the bottom saucepan pan with enough water to allow heat to circulate and prevent burning.  Since the double boiler rests above water and …

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Is it okay  to buy cheap cookware?

We are often asked our stance on buying cheap cookware.  Discount cookware can definitely be tempting, especially when money is tight.  Just like the old adage says “You get what you pay for”.  If you are looking for cookware that will be durable and last for years to come then you more than likely are not going to find those qualities in a cheap piece of cookware.  However, if you are newly independent, low on money or need something in a quick pinch then here are some tips to …

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Lodge Signature Series Cast Iron Cookware

It seems like everyone has a grandparent or great grandparent that at least has a cast iron skillet.  Cast Iron was definitely a favorite type of cookware for their era.  Cast Iron is quickly becoming one of the favorites of this era as well due to its longevity, unique cooking results and health benefits as apposed to health concerns that are arising with other types of cookware.
When people think about cast iron cookware, lodge is usually the name that comes to …

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